This revolutionary design has taken a simple dog water bowl that has to be constantly refiiled and typically dumped into a 1 gallon spill proof Dog Water Box.  The FRS Dog Water Box is hand Tig welded using 5052 high quality aluminum and powder coated in various colors for your liking.  The FRS Dog Water Box can be taken anywhere by lifting the Box into the vertical position a built in handle allows user to carry with ease and the drink tray design makes it spill proof in transit.  Ability to keep this in the cab of your vehicle during cold winter months helps reduce frozen water for your outdoor companion.  When the FRS Dog Water Box is in the horizontal position it gives your pet  3/4″ of water in the drink tray that is self vented from the 1 gallon box.”  The FRS Dog Water Box can be used at home or during travel and or camping.  Once you use it you will never leave home without it when traveling with man’s best friend.  The aluminum construction of the box also helps dissipate heat during hot summer months.