Big Run (6 Rods)


The Big Run Fly Rod Safe is a welded 6-rod vehicle carrier handcrafted from high-quality aircraft aluminum. The Big Run holds fly rods up to 10-feet with room to house large Arbor Reels. The interior is finished in tweed and African mahogany. Tubes are coated for easy in-and-out—and fly rod socks can be purchased for added protection. The Big Run’s latches are high-end compression clamps that make it waterproof and dust-free. The Big Run comes with a new bulb seal and is engineered to vent moisture and balance barometric pressure. Our mounting system is water jetted from 3/4″ 6061 aluminum that securely fastens to your vehicle for safe and worry-free storage.

The Legend is offered in a variety of colors. Logos are provided in powder-coated colors or anodized. Custom colors are available for an extra fee of $100. Flease call for details: 970.596.7184. The Big Run Fly Rod Safe is handcrafted in Colorado, USA, and comes with a guaranteed lifetime warranty.

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Additional information

Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 10.10 × 25 × 8 in