Discovering The Difference

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The Fly Rod Safe not only provides a rigged-and-ready setup, but it also provides superior protection and security for your rods and reels. Let’s face it, today’s advanced technology in fishing equipment does not come cheap. And for that matter, fishing equipment doesn’t compare in price to the truck you’re driving around! Make the investment to protect your investment.

The interior view of The Fly Rod Safe.

Other companies can make plastic boxes, cheap imported locks, latches, and mounts and they can all be pried open with a screwdriver within seconds, but not the Fly Rod Safe. Here are some of the basics that set us apart and high above the rest of our competitors:

  1. We incorporate compression latches that are fully adjustable and provide a fully sealed internal environment keeping your rods and reels safe from all harsh (and sometimes harmful) elements. Our compression latches seat against a high-quality bulb seal to provide a watertight barrier. 
  2. We have engineered a venting system that is second-to-none to provide equalization of barometric pressure and to wick moisture when loading wet rods and reels. The Fly Rod Safe is like a gun safe for your rods and reels. Have peace of mind knowing that we can even safely protect high-end rods such as bamboo with our tried and true system. 
  3. Due to driving and vehicle vibration, The Fly Rod Safe has developed and engineered a system to eliminate damage to rods during transportation, allowing our customers to have peace of mind while traveling to their fishing destination.
  4. Fly fishing is a pastime, it is time well spent with family and friends.  Many of you will pass on this tradition to your children as you will your favorite dry fly rod or Euro nymph rig. Your Fly Rod Safe will be passed down from generation to generation as well.

Discover the difference of a high-quality, handbuilt, USA-made, secure, and solid fly rod carrier, that is truly, the last fly rod carrier you’ll ever buy.

Always Ready

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Fly Rod Safe Hard Case
Always rigged and ready to catch a fish with The Fly Rod Safe!

One of the values that we believe in is always being ready. Ready for adventure. Ready for fishing. Ready for fly fishing. Rigged and ready is really the truth behind it – when adventure calls, why waste time rigging your fly rod? With The Fly Rod Safe, we believe our fly rod carrier is truly the perfect match for any angler. But, mostly the angler who wants a durable, safe, and solid fly rod carrier that is able to get a line wet when the opportunity calls.

Handbuilt, welded, and designed in Colorado with an eye for precision and detail, we first built this fly rod carrier for us; for our family and close friends because the options weren’t good enough to meet our standards. We wanted something strong, durable, colorful, safe, rugged, and yet sleek.

If you are the angler who is always ready, always game, always adventurous – The Fly Rod Safe is for you! A sturdy mounted fly rod carrier that makes your vehicle look better – we believe you’ll also fish better, too. You’ll have more time on your hands to be casting and mending instead of rigging. With options in size and color – The Fly Rod Safe is the last carrier you’ll ever buy!